About the Tricep Toner

The Tricep Toner is the first lightweight, portable, and adjustable exercise system that works with active resistance. Tricep Toner isolates and works out the three heads of the tricep muscle through the simple act of straightening and bending the arm in a repeated manner. Tricep Toner tones, shapes, and strengthens the tricep muscles while burning away fat. With Tricep Toner, there’s no need for weights, bars, or a gym membership.

The Tricep Toner was invented by Allison R. Ashe, MD, FACEP, a practicing ER physician. As both a physician and a mother, Dr. Ashe feels it’s important to not only “talk the talk, but walk the walk” regarding health and fitness.  Her intimate knowledge of anatomy, physiology, and kinesiology (how muscles work) helped her develop the Tricep Toner to target the upper arms, which have long been a “problem” area for women (and men)!